What’s Next?


Here is Our Current Timeline


*October 1-15* 

Send in our Pre-Clearance Application



You may be asking “Why wait until then?”

There are over 250 pages of documents we need to include in our application. Having all of the correct paperwork and the correct wording in each document is of utmost importance. Obtaining the Pre-Clearance for the Ministers of Religion Visa is incredibly difficult at this time. 

Here are the documents we are eagerly anticipating arriving in the mail. 
  • State of Michigan Background Check
  • Garda Síochána Background Vetting (this is the Irish Government) 
  • The September Bank Statement of Galway City Baptist Church (we must wait for all pending charges to clear to have September in the six month report we must include in the application.)
Once we have these documents we can ship it to the INIS office in Dublin, next day-air. 

*November 15-???*

Receive our Pre-Clearance Decision 

*December 1-31-If Approved*


Prepare to leave, and perhaps arrive in Ireland.

(Or, because of holiday prices, busyness, etc., we will be leaving the first couple weeks of January 2020)

*December 1-31-If Denied*

Prepare our Appeal

Receive our Appeal Decision
(usually arrives within 2 weeks)

(We do have plans if our Appeal is also denied. However, we are trusting the Lord to carry us through this as planned. We will share these plans with you if necessary. Please pray that email will not be necessary!)


There is more behind all of these difficulties than policies and bureaucracy. An email sent from a member of our Irish team who is diligently working on this issue said this:

“… remember our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Satan opposes us and the fight is against him. The opposition we face strengthens my belief we need more workers here, I hope it does for you as well.”

Nothing would please us more than an APPROVED Pre-Clearance Minister of Religion Visa and a late 2019 or early 2020 arrival date! We are desperate to get going on the ministry in which we have great passion. We also need to gather the rest of our Outgoing Costs. If you are thinking of making any year-end gifts we would love it if you considered giving toward these one-time costs. Just click the “Partner with Us” button below. 
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