What’s Next?


Here is Our Current Timeline


*March 2-11, 2020* 

Vision Trip to our Potential New Location

This will be an exciting time for our family. We are grieving what happened with Ireland but we are ready for this new adventure God has for us. 


*April 2020*

Lord willing, if everything works out, we will be applying for our new visa.


*May 2020-If Approved*

Leave for our new location. 


There is more behind all of these difficulties than policies and bureaucracy. An email sent from a member of the WorldVenture Irish team who is diligently working on these issues:

“… remember our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Satan opposes us and the fight is against him. The opposition we face strengthens my belief we need more workers here, I hope it does for you as well.”

We will continue the fight for the gospel. Throughout the New Testament we are told to contend for the faith. We are doing just that. Please pray for a renewed sense of hope and passion for the ministry as we carry on into a bit of the unknown. 

We love you all!

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