Yes. We have been denied again. Ireland is now a closed door for the Morter family. 




We have an incredible new opportunity!!


At the moment we are not sharing what this is publicly, like on this website, but if you would like to know any more information just reach out to us. 


But we can share with you that if this wall works out we will be in this location in May/June, 2020.


Due to this change we are currently a bit short on our Commitments.


We were at 101.4% before the denial of our VISA APPLICATION. However, due to our denial, some thought this meant the door to Ireland was closed (which it seems like they were correct) and have paused/closed their commitments until further notice. 


We are now at 87.5%


that is a $1,306.08/month deficit. 


Please consider making a new COMMITMENT or possibly increasing the amount in which you are already committing. 

Even though we are still putting everything together God is moving in a big way. And we all know that nothing can stop Him. We are confident we will be able to get back to 100% at exactly the right time.

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Please reach out if you have questions about giving or what we are planning on.


We almost have all of our Outgoing costs!!!

Any ONE-TIME Gifts will go toward these costs. 


These funds will pay for…

A Reliable 6-passenger Vehicle 
(this is the big ticket item)
A Driver’s License 
Visa Costs
Airplane Tickets for 6
(plus extra baggage)
Customs Duty
2-3 Months Rent for Deposit
(most ask for 2 months)
Home Set Up Costs
(pretty much everything electrical needs to be replaced)
Children’s School Costs
Vaccines, etc.

Please pray and consider whether God is calling you to partner with us with a monthly/annual commitment or a one-time gift.

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for more information please email us @ themorters@gmail.com